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How do I draw on the T-shirt?

You can draw onto the T-shirt, using the UV keyring included, mobile phone torch light or blue laser pen, as you would draw with a pen. The laser pen is a brilliant accessory to the T-shirt as it allows you to draw on the T-shirt from a distance. 


How long does the glow last for?

In a dark environment, the initial glow will last for around 5 -10 minutes before it starts to fade.


What type of light can be used?

Any type of light can be used. However the higher the UV output and more direct the light, the brighter the glow will be. The laser pen has the strongest light output, but is still within legal Australian and NZ limits (<1mW).


Can the T-shirts be washed?

Yes our clothing is machine washable at 30 degrees, however we recommend not to tumble dry.​

Do not iron the glow panel however it is possible to iron inside out but we can not cover accidental damage.


What glow colours do the T-shirts come in?

Currently there are two glow colours available:

Super Green Glow (Brightest) - white panel

Super Peach Glow - pink panel



- Orders are dispatched from Sydney. In Australia you can expect to receive your parcel within 7 days. A tracking number will be sent with Australian orders. 

- For New Zealand orders, please allow for 10 days.


Return Policy

-Items must be in original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect

-You must return the item within 30 days of your purchase

-Buyer pays return postage unless there is a manufacturer defect


                (Age) 3-4 Yrs 5-6 Yrs 7-8 Yrs 9-11 Yrs 12-14 Yrs

        (CM)   104       116       128       140           152

Chest (inches) 24/26   26/28     30/32     32/34       34/36


Tip: With our children’s T-shirts, if you are struggling to decide between two sizes, we would recommend choosing the larger of the two. Equally so, some 12-14 year olds are more comfortable in the Small adults size, especially if they are tall.


Adults Size Guide

                  Adults Men's                                                                      

                S         M         L           XL       XXL

Inches   34/46   38/40   42/44     46/48     50/52  

CM         81-86   96-101 106-111 116-121 127-13


Adult Women's UK/Aust Size ( USA -4, Europe +28)

                S         M        L         XL       XXL

                  6/8   10/12   14/16    18/20    22/24



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